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New York, NY – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), the global leader in lighting, today announced the commercial availability of ActiveSite, a cloud-based connected lighting management platform that allows Philips Color Kinetics architectural LED lighting systems to be monitored, maintained, managed and content, such as light shows, to be uploaded from anywhere in the world. A first of its kind, Philips ActiveSite was recently installed at such iconic structures as Madison Square Garden in New York and has also been adopted as part of the Tappan Zee lighting project.

Philips ActiveSite allows remote diagnostics of Philips Color Kinetics systems, helping to ensure uptime and optimal performance for high-profile sites. The system also has the capability to generate custom reports, on data such as fixture status, system properties, and asset management. Because Philips ActiveSite is a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) platform, it allows for access to installations from anywhere where there is an internet connection, even from tablet devices. In addition, there is minimal investment in hardware or software costs and bug fixes and new features are seamlessly updated to the software, eliminating many of the challenges and costs associated with lighting management systems. 

Authorized users of Philips ActiveSite can monitor one or multiple lighting installations from a single dashboard, where they can configure email alerts for notification of system anomalies or perform data analytics for historic system performance.  This also allows users to determine the exact location of an issue, such as damage to electrical circuits from falling ice or lighting strikes, and effectively dispatch maintenance crews to address any concerns.  For customers that want all of the benefits with none of the hassle, Philips or its authorized partners can also offer turn-key services, handling everything from installation to commissioning to ongoing monitoring and programming of the system.

In addition to remote monitoring, Philips ActiveSite has robust content management capabilities, allowing authorized Philips ActiveSite system users to change scenes, effects and light shows on the fly.  It allows lighting content to be scheduled and even triggered by certain events, enabling site managers to acknowledge special occasions, like a home sports team win, celebrate holidays and react to other key moments in time such as Breast Cancer or Autism awareness, quickly and cost effectively. Moreover, content can even be uploaded or controlled from any authorized remote PC or tablet device.

“At Philips, we continue to harness the power of LED technology, taking it beyond the structure and into the cloud to allow for a tailored system that can meet a location’s unique needs, monitor system performance, and give unprecedented control, all without having to be onsite,” said Amy Huntington, President of Philips Lighting Americas.  “Whether it’s a brilliant way to honor Memorial Day or a Yankees win, Philips ActiveSite makes it easier for lighting designers, site managers and authorized lighting programmers to remotely access the system management software and easily address concerns or make changes. And with the addition of our turn-key services, organizations can even opt to leave the management to Philips or its authorized partners.”

Site: Philips website: http://www.newscenter.philips.com/main/standard/news/press/2015/20150506-Philips-ActiveSite-takes-to-cloud-for-first-ever-connected-lighting-platform.wpd#.Va1UraRVikq