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Edison Price Lighting recently opened an exhibit called "Made in LIC: A Collection of Light and Art." 

Edison Price Lighting in Long Island City is always bustling with manufacturing.

But what you may not expect to see at a factory like this one- is a multimedia art gallery.

"We've been in the neighborhood for over 15 years and we know that there's this artistic community, but we very rarely get to see it," explained Nora Vizzini, who works for Edison Price Lighting.

That's why Edison Price recently opened an exhibit called "Made in LIC: A Collection of Light and Art." It's just one floor above the factory. Displaying everything from paintings to sculptures - all pieces are created by artists who live just blocks away from their facility.

"This is a very vibrant community, and there's a lot of artists here who are unknown or known, and it will be great to get some attention in here," said Roya Farassat, who has art on display in the gallery.

Lighting by Edison Price is also part of the exhibit - using various fixtures to illuminate the many textures and colors of the artwork.

"I've tried to focus the light on art that's, that's small, and I've tried to uniformly wash art that's wide and flat," explained Rick Shaver, who designed the lighting.

The room was a manufacturing space for many years, but as equipment became more compact - the room started to free up. Executives originally thought they could store lighting fixtures for clients to come and see, but then they decided their blank walls could also use a pop of color.

"They need these, these, these venues, and if we can help them, we need the venue also, to combine both artistic ventures is an amazing thing," explained Janet Fraile, who also worked on the project.

The gallery is open to the public, but appointments must be scheduled in advance.

For more information, visit www.epl.com/gallery.cfm.

Click here to See the Edison Price Lighting Gallery Video: