Serving Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia
and Sections of Eastern Kentucky
and Southern Ohio
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Repco II
Repco II INC/Pittsburgh

1201 Chappel Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Phone: 412-563-6220

Fax: 412-563-6227

Repco II INC/West Virginia

3744 Teays Valley Road, Ste. 201
Hurricane, WV 25526

Phone: 681-235-7278

Fax: 412-563-6227

Angel Casciato
Name: Angel Casciato
Position: Managing Principal
Direct Line (412) 440-9191
Cell Phone: (412) 780-5745
Ashley Stanley
Name: Ashley Stanley
Position: Technical Support Engineer Lighting Services
Direct Line (412) 248-6251
Brian Strom
Name: Brian Strom
Position: Specialty Lighting and Controls Sales
Direct Line 412-440-9181
Cell Phone: 412-740-7833
Cameron Winterhalter
Name: Cameron Winterhalter
Position: Lighting Controls/Technical Sales
Direct Line 412-254-0101
Charles Yocke Jr
Name: Charles Yocke Jr
Position: Project Manager
Direct Line 412-440-9195
Chris Krasny, LC
Name: Chris Krasny, LC
Position: Sales
Direct Line (412) 440-9179
Cell Phone: (412) 901-8100
Chris Zervanos
Name: Chris Zervanos
Position: Project Manager
Direct Line (412) 440-9192
Christian Johnson
Name: Christian Johnson
Position: Quotations
Direct Line (412) 440-9194
Don Breiding
Name: Don Breiding
Position: Managing Principal
Direct Line (412) 440-9174
Cell Phone: (304) 281-3245
Dan Casciato
Name: Dan Casciato
Position: Warehouse Manager
Graham Beaudry
Name: Graham Beaudry
Position: Principal
Direct Line (412) 440-9180
Cell Phone: (412) 559-2768
Jack Parkes
Name: Jack Parkes
Position: Technical Sales Support Manager
Direct Line (412) 254-9100
Cell Phone: (412) 522-0344
Jennifer Kraus
Name: Jennifer Kraus
Position: Project Manager Supervisor
Direct Line (412) 440-9186
John Hart
Name: John Hart
Position: Sales
Direct Line (412) 440-9182
Cell Phone: (412) 965-3823
John Northern
Name: John Northern
Position: Lighting Controls Manager
Direct Line (412) 440-9176
Cell Phone: (412) 584-9202
John Robinson (JR)
Name: John Robinson (JR)
Position: Managing Principal
Direct Line (412) 440-9188
Cell Phone: (412) 526-7156
John Super
Name: John Super
Position: Controls Specialist
Direct Line (412) 440-9190
Johnathan Rivera
Name: Johnathan Rivera
Position: Quotations
Direct Line (412) 563-7806
Jonathan Clark
Name: Jonathan Clark
Position: Sales (West Virginia)
Direct Line (304) 377-1778
Jordan McNaught
Name: Jordan McNaught
Position: Project Manager / Quotations
Direct Line 412-563-6221
Joy Brobeck
Name: Joy Brobeck
Position: Project Manager
Direct Line (412) 440-9193
Judi Bruder
Name: Judi Bruder
Position: Distributor Stock Team
Direct Line (412) 440-9197
Kevin Dady
Name: Kevin Dady
Position: Principal
Direct Line (412) 440-9177
Cell Phone: (412) 400-6498
Mark Chernega
Name: Mark Chernega
Position: Technical Support Engineer - Lighting Design
Direct Line (412) 254-0103
Mark Szelc
Name: Mark Szelc
Position: Quotations
Direct Line (412) 440-9199
Mary Ann Hill
Name: Mary Ann Hill
Position: Administrative Assistant
Direct Line (412) 440-9189
Nadine Adamiak
Name: Nadine Adamiak
Position: Accounting
Direct Line (412) 563-6224
Olivia Gildea
Name: Olivia Gildea
Position: Receptionist/Marketing Coordinator
Direct Line 412-563-6220
Patty Matthews
Name: Patty Matthews
Position: Project Manager
Direct Line (412) 440-9196
Phil Kimball
Name: Phil Kimball
Position: Principal
Direct Line (412) 563-6229
Cell Phone: (412) 389-7151
Rebecca Murner, LC
Name: Rebecca Murner, LC
Position: Technical Support Engineer - Lighting Design
Direct Line (412) 254-9102
Rob Brownlee
Name: Rob Brownlee
Position: Sales
Direct Line (412) 440-9183
Cell Phone: (412) 310-1776
Steve Bluhm
Name: Steve Bluhm
Position: Quotations
Direct Line (412) 440-9184