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  1. General questions should start with the sales department. You can email them at sales@repcoii.com. If you’re looking for Lighting Layouts, Lighting Controls or Design Assistance, email the Tech Department at tech@repcoii.com. For pricing or quoting requests, email quotes@repcoii.com.For placing an order email orders@repcoii.comLead Times and Expediting- customer service or project management (specific projects) custsvc@repcoii.com Accounts Payable- Nadine Adamiak nadineadamiak@repcoii.com

  2. The answer will vary depending on the type of fluorescent and LED products you are looking at.  Email our Tech department or sales staff and supply them with the specific products you’re looking to compare and they will help you.  tech@repcoii.com,  sales@repcoii.com or contact one of our experts. Contact our sales department.

  3. Yes- If you provide us with a drawing (CAD preferred) with room dimensions, ceiling height, and room surface reflectance. We can give you a layout to meet your target light level or evaluate your fixture layout.

  4. While each situation may be different, the following information will be generally required to complete a design: Interior Lighting – Room sizes (a CAD/DWG file is always the best way to provide this but we can work with other formats most of the time), ceiling heights, fixture mounting heights, ceiling type (grid, open, drywall, etc), reflectivity and luminaire source (MH, Fluorescent, LED) and any special considerations needed. Exterior Lighting – An accurate CAD/DWG file is almost always required, luminaire source to use, pole heights including base height and planned fixture mounting heigh...

  5. Leadtime will vary depending on the complexity of the request.  Generally the Tech Department tries to turn requests around in 3-5 business days.

  6. Repco II technical support team can provide AuotCAD drawings, AGi32 Lighting Layouts and calculations, interior and exterior lighting fixture selections, renderings, lighting controls layouts, single line diagram controls drawings, energy calculations, controls startup and programming. Plus we have the full design capabilities of our manufacturers at our disposal. Output results can be made available in CAD, PDF, or AGI if you use the software.

  7. If you’re looking for technical assistance, lighting or controls applications, email your sales representative (link to contacts page) or tech@repcoii.com.

  8. Email your request to your sells representative (link to contacts page) or  sales@repcoii.com

  9. Replacement parts pricing normally requires us to contact our factories.  Send your email request to custsvc@repcoii.com and a customer service representative will contact you.

  10. Email quotes@repcoii.com and include the project name and any information you have on the project.  You will be notified which quotations person has been assigned this project and your information will be forwarded to them.