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GVA Lighting

Our Philosophy

Vision: Creating New Beauty For Our Home Planet™
Mission: To fulfill the Vision we will:


  1. Create outstanding lighting systems by using formula GVA Lighting product = Light + Art + Science + Technology
  2. Contribute to the society and human well being by creating 1,000 landmark, signature architectural lighting projects worldwide in cooperation with the best lighting designers and architects around the world
  3. Contribute to health of our planet by offering products and technologies for saving energy and natural resources
  4. Create and maintain outstanding team by continuous learning, training and developing current personnel and inviting new outstanding talents from Canada and around the globe
  5. Maintain corporate culture based on core values of GVA Lighting: passion and enthusiasm; individual creativity and teamwork; professionalism; honesty; respect customers and suppliers; friendly work environment and care to employees
  6. Create successful business structure and processes to secure stability, growth and prosperity of GVA Lighting. We need to generate sustained profit to reinvest into larger projects, contribute more into our team and society
  7. Safe entrepreneurship spirit while growing as a corporation. Combine mobility, flexibility and openness for opportunities with innovative management, corporate discipline and individual responsibility


  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Individual creativity and teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Business Integrity
  • Respect customers and suppliers
  • Friendly work environment and care to employees