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Gulf Tower
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Lighting Designer: C&C Lighting, LLC
Manufacturer: Colorkinetics
Product: Color Graze

From its construction in 1932 to the late 1970s, the Gulf Tower Building in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, was more than just an iconic part of the city skyline — it also served as a rudimentary weather forecast system for pedestrians on the city streets below. Red and blue neon tube arrays mounted on the step-pyramid peak of the 44-story edifice provided the city with a simple, color-coded forecast system: red light signified fair weather ahead, while blue light meant rain or snow. If the light was steady, the temperature was predicted to rise; if flashing, to fall. Read More

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University of Pittsburgh Book Center Renovation
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Architect: Lami Grubb Architects LP
Engineer: CJL Engineering
Electrical Contractor: Ferry Electric
Manufacturer: Bruck, Contrast Lighting, HE Williams, Pinnacle, Scott Architectural, Visa Lighting.

The University of Pittsburgh got a major facelift with the renovation and reconfiguration of the University's Book Center.  The goal of the renovation was to improve the circulation and flow throughout the sales floor and included the addition of new stairwells, an elevator, a sales and service area for digital technology and a small café. 

The challenges of the existing building included low headroom, an awkward 'U' shaped footprint with narrow passageways and dark, outdated spaces.  To overcome some of the building issues, the lighting had to provide enough illumination to light the space as well as guide the patrons throughout the space. Read More


University of Pittsburgh Book Center Renovation image