California Coffee Bar

Safety matters now more than ever. That’s why cafes like California Coffee Bar are exploring more efficient and flexible ways to offer healthy dining environments to their guests.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA


Manufacturer: Luminii

Products: Purifii AER W by Luminii

Sarah Mendak, owner of California Coffee Bar, installed PURIFII AER W by Luminii in the Pittsburgh coffee shop to protect her team and guests 24/7. The GUV system eliminates 99.98% of germs and viruses, like COVID-19, from the air, giving guests the peace of mind they need to enjoy coffee and snacks with family and friends. The system is 100% safe to use in highly occupied spaces, enabling restaurants and cafes like California Coffee Bar to do what they do best: delivering exceptional dining experiences in safe and comfortable environments. Read our interview with Mendak to learn how we worked together to install PURIFII AER W throughout the coffee bar and support the business’ reopening efforts.

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