Commonwealth Charter Academy, Erie PA

Commonwealth Charter Academy is a top-accredited K through 12 public charter school that provides personalized high-quality education to all Pennsylvania students at no cost to families.

Location: Erie, PA

Architect: Strada Architects

Engineer: WNA Engineering

Manufacturers: Acolyte, Axis, Lux, Opticarts, Oxygen, Pinnacle, Snowball, Wattstopper

Teachers and students connect digitally with the majority of their day-to-day classroom work online. However, they also provide education centers that are the local hubs allowing students to meet, face to face, with their teachers and access specialized learning environments. Using state of the art lighting, the repurposed building was designed for an open office and learning environment with administrative offices, seminar areas, production labs, live session rooms and special tech rooms for a digital experience. Using unique lighting solutions, they achieved separate workspaces in an open concept, providing beautiful, functional lighting that also acted as space separation. For more information on the lighting used, email [email protected].