Dancing Gnome Brewery

In the summer of 2021, the 2nd location of Dancing Gnome Brewery opened in a re-purposed, existing pre-engineered warehouse.

Location: Sharpsburg, PA

Architect: Peter Margittai Architects

Engineer: Sulosky Design Group LLC

Electrical Contactor: Right Electric

Manufacturer: Acolyte, Axis, Beaulux, Evenlite, GE, Ledra, Oxygen, Philips, Pinnacle, USAI, Wattstopper, Williams

Dancing Gnome is known for their love of hops and their passion to produce some of the region’s best IPAs and pale ales.  Starting in 2016 with their first location, Dancing Gnome Owner and Head Brewer, Andrew Witchey, decided it was time to expand when lines started extending several blocks during their events.

For the 2nd location, Dancing Gnome enlisted the aid of  Peter Margittai Architects and Sulosky Design Group to design a functional production space while creating an experience that patrons could enjoy.  Lighting was used to help achieve this concept.  From Downlights and linear to flexible color changing tape light suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, the lighting had to reflect the clean, modern look of the building while still providing functional lighting. You can check out the great lighting while enjoying one of Dancing Gnomes delicious beers at the Dancing Gnome Brewery in Sharpsburg PA.