The once vandalized Doughboy statue in the heart of Lawrenceville, has been restored to its former glory. The statue is beautifully illuminated using BK Lighting products (donated by Repco II).

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Architect: Desmone Architects

Lighting Designer: Lisa Ceoffe, City Forester, in conjunction with Mayor Peduto, City of Pittsburgh Public Works, Lawrenceville Historical Society, Lawrenceville Corporation, Lawrenceville United and other community advocates.

Electrical Contractor: Allegheny City Electric

Manufacturer: BK Lighting

Product: Saratoga & K2 Floodlights

Located at the intersection of Penn Avenue and Butler Street, the statue serves as an iconic entryway into the Lawrenceville neighborhood.  After the statue was vandalized last year, Lisa Ceoffe, whose parents spent decades tending and maintaining the monument, realized it was the statue’s centennial and spearheaded a plan to revitalize the monument by cleaning the statue, landscaping the area and lighting the statue.  Lisa, in conjunction with Desmone Architects and Repco II chose the BK Lighting Saratoga to light the names of the 3100 Sixth Ward residents who served in WWII and the BK Lighting K2 flood lights, mounted among the flower beds, to light the statue.