A renovation and new construction project creates a bright building illuminated by generous portions of natural light.

Location: Mt. Lebanon, PA

Architect: Celli-Flynn Brennan Architects

Engineer: HF Lenz Company

Electrical Contractor: The Farfield Company

Manufacturer: Visa Lighting

Product: Air Foil – Sail

The entrance, with its glass front, large stairwell and atrium like multi-level structure boasts of a beautifully styled Architectural light fixture that suspends from multiple locations and highlights the space. Visa Lighting’s Air Foil Sail luminaire features a refreshing elliptical shape that creates a luminous plane of light that enhances the stairwell, lobby, and entryway using energy saving LED sources. A synergy of style and statement, Air Foil Sail provides this large venue application with a chic concept of custom design with standard lead time.