Create visual interest, accentuate textures, guide patrons - big concepts in a small space.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Architect: Lami Grubb Architects LP

Engineer: CJL Engineering

Electrical Contractor: Ferry Electric

Manufacturers: Bruck, Contrast Lighting, HE Williams, Pinnacle, Scott Architectural, Visa Lighting

The goal was to improve the circulation & flow throughout the sales floor and included new stairwells, an elevator, a digital technology area & a small café. To overcome some of the building issues, the lighting had to provide enough illumination to light the space as well as guide the patrons throughout the space. The use of skylights and direct lighting sources were important to getting the flow to work. The lighting was designed to draw customers through the store; pendant clusters highlight merchandise niches, curved bulkheads conceal rope light, giving the illusion of higher ceilings; and recessed cove lighting was used in certain areas to graze textured surfaces and accentuate their profiles, creating visual interest. All this hidden in a very limited ceiling space.