Thirty years after repurposing a circa 1880 sawmill on Pittsburgh’s North Shore for its offices, WTW has again transformed its workspace to express its culture and design philosophy in a highly collaborative environment that inspires creativity.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Architect: WTW Architects

Engineer: Carlins Consulting

Lighting Designer: Repco II

Electrical Contractor: Arrow Electric

Manufacturer:AXIS, GE Current, Luminii, LUX

Product: AXIS WW Surround, GE Current LDX Series, Luminii Clareo Round, LUX EOS Series

For their new offices, WTW Architects selected EOS 2.0 by LUX Illuminaire as the main lighting system because they provide the elegant and contemporary linear design that complements the vision the design team had established. The decision to use pendants provided flexibility and the ability to reconfigure the space in the future if needed.